ye-boT initiative open paper toy project


ye-boT initiative is all about sharing and creating an artistic content which involves more heads and more hands and where the work is put again on public disposal to re-create and to upgrade, to build on the past.
To take part in this initiative, download the blank template, customize it with your design and send it back to me. Your works will be displayed in this gallery and available for free download.
With ye-boT I wanted to design a paper toy with movable parts which could be used for animations, so another way to participate is to make an animation with your or any other ye-boT and send your video or link.

ye-boT inititive exhibitions:

2010. 'ye-boT initiative', ULUPUH gallery, Zagreb, Croatia »see pics
2011.'Paper Toys im OK' - NextComic Festival: II LOVE & ye-boT exhibition + work in progress: St.Bugbot video,
Artist in Residence @ OK Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz, Austria


Template download · blank 2.1 · blank 2.0 · blank 1.0 | how to construct


#27 Custom by Kiki | »download


Next Floors ye-boT | »download


 Ghost machine Nr.520
#26 Ghost machine Nr.520 by BayKiDead | »download


 Drift Racer by Sinner
#25 Drift Racer by Sinner | »download


Crawler by ASHPLUS
#24 Crawler by ASHPLUS | »download


Custom by Simon Walterer
#23 Custom by Simon Walterer | »download


Pilot by Willie Beren
#22 Pilot by Willie Beren | »download


Insider by Dicky Wardiansyah
#21 Insider by Dicky Wardiansyah | »download


Dayrobo Ryo by Dolly Oblong
#20 Dayrobo Ryo by Dolly Oblong | »download


P-Chef by Yulia Susanti
#19 P-Chef by Yulia Susanti | »download


custom by Dyadic
#18 Bangin' Beats by Greenelf1967 | »download


custom by Dyadic
#17 Boney by Dyadic | »download


custom by ABZ
#16 custom by ABZ, Oh-Sheet | »download


ye-bot YM
ye-bot YM by Marko Zubak | »download


Candy-boT by Elmö
#15 Candy-boT by Elmö, Elmö | »download


Gunu skateboards
#14 custom by Lucca Boni Zailo, Gunu sk8 | »download


ye-boT: El Ojo
El OJO, custom for A Little Beat magazine, issue 96 | »download the mag


#13 custom by Tougui
#13 custom by Tougui | »download


#12 custom by Mirko Zubak, (inox)
#12 custom by Mirko Zubak, (inox)


#11 Ronin-boT by Morgan Gleave
#11 Ronin-boT by Morgan Gleave | »download


The Eye
The Eye, made for ye-boT exhibition at ULUPUH gallery (Pics) | buy now


#10 - "Dom-bot" by Dunja B. Zubak (oil on paper)
#10 - "Dom-bot" by Dunja B. Zubak (oil on paper)


#9 - "Fur-bot" by Andy Kuljiš (INK)
#9 - "Fur-bot" by Andy Kuljiš (INK) | »download


#8 - "The Guardian" by Horrorwood
#8 - "The Guardian" by Horrorwood | »download


#7 - custom by Ivona Lovrić (ink on paper)
#7 - custom by Ivona Lovrić (ink on paper)


#6 - "yo-beT" by Marshall Alexander
#6 - "yo-beT" by Marshall Alexander | »download


#5 - custom by Phil
#5 - custom by Phil | »download


#4 - custom by Zakane
#4 - custom by Zakane | »download


#3 - custom by DMC
#3 - custom by DMC | »download


Scream (ye-boT0.5), made for FabFibe show '09- Marko Zubak | buy now


#2 - "VINX18" by Vinsart
#2 - "VINX18" by Vinsart | »download


#1 - "Star 08" by Sal Azad
#1 - "Star 08" by Sal Azad | »download


Ink on paper - Marko Zubak
Ink on paper - Marko Zubak


ye-boT0.3 by Marko Zubak
ye-boT0.3 by Marko Zubak | »buy now


ye-boT0.4 by Marko Zubak
Walking Jail, ye-boT0.4 by Marko Zubak | »download from here


ye-boT0.1 by Marko Zubak
ye-boT0.1 by Marko Zubak | »buy now